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Bill began his career in Louisville, KY as a business development consultant. The year was 1979. In 1992 he founded EcoPal, Inc., a startup that became very successful as a multi-faceted Joint Venture whose business included the implementation and execution on general oil services, and oil rig maintenance and restoration contracts for PEMEX (Petroleo de Mexico). As a pronounced importer/exporter throughout Central America, EcoPal also used its knowledge and position to focus on the sales and distribution of consumer electronics and agricultural products in the hemisphere.


Bill sold out his interest in 2002 and soon started a boutique alternative energy company. That foray into the ecological side of energy production led Bill to an introduction into the possibilities that beneficial microbes could offer mankind. Now, with his partners we have Fertile Ground.

Bill is a graduate of Wabash College and has been married to Michelle for 37 years.

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