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Fertile Ground contends with a proprietary microbial solution manufactured and controlled by the Company. We directly participate in six microbial market segments including Agricultural, Aquaculture, Bio-Remediation, Distilled Spirits, Poultry, and Wastewater.

Arial View of Green Field

Agriculture represents Fertile Ground's largest market segment where we offer our Flagship product, “Fertile Ground”, an unparalleled combination of microbial strains that are dramatically changing the agricultural landscape. Fertile Ground has proven that it impressively impacts anything that grows. Now, employing our beneficial bacteria on each of the 1.387 billion hectares under cultivation in the world is our intention. VIEW TRIALS!


Common problems associated with aquaculture are the discharge of significant amounts of wastewater containing feces, nutrients and chemicals released into the environment, the operations can spread parasites and disease into the wild and the fish are susceptible to acquiring those diseases. Fertile Ground’s Aquaculture microbes consume organics in pond water which drastically reduces ammonia, nitrates and virtually eliminates pond bottom sludge.  Additionally, the product reduces disease outbreaks, both by creating a healthier pond environment and through the process of competitive displacement of pathogens.

Compost Pickup Service

One major environmental problem today is hydrocarbon contamination resulting from the activities related to the petrochemical industry. Many indigenous microorganisms in water and soil are capable of degrading hydrocarbon contaminants. Fertile Ground has the ability to perform petroleum hydrocarbon degradation through microbial activity in diverse ecosystems.

With respect to food safety, special attention must be given to preventing contamination of poultry feed, and the products made from egg and meat, where flies thrive based on using these products as their primary development platform. Fertile Ground’s Fly Treatment eliminates incidences of fly outbreaks through microbial alteration of the microenvironment, and through structural modification, preventing the larvae from hatching.

Sewage Site Evaluation


Sewage Site Evaluation

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