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Item: Fertile Ground 960 gram bag

Description: A unique, multi-strain (12 strain), OMRI CERTIFIED soil inoculant designed to improve plant growth and vigor through greatly improved nutrition and plant hormone production. FG induces systemic, acquired resistance and aids with drought resistance. The product has been developed based on recent research advances in plant microbiome, rhizosphere engineering, plant nutrition, and signaling pathways. It deploys a holistic approach-intervention of soil microbiome, soil quality, nutrient cycling, plant health, and plant protection. See product aspects below. 

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Product Aspects

  • FG is based on microbial consortia rather than single species approach, and was developed based on the fail-safe least two strains are included in the product to perform a single task. 

  • FG is a combination of highly efficient natural microbes as microbial consortium. 

  • The microbial consortium in FG consists of 15-20 keystone species, selected from different functional groups which work synergistically together. 

  • Nitrogen fixation: FG converts the non-available elemental into plant available ammonium nitrogen and enhances plant intake of this element. 

  • Phosphorus solubilization: FG enhances phosphorus uptake by hydrolyzing organic and inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds. 

  • Growth hormone production: FG induces plants to secrete phytohormones, thereby enhancing plant growth. 

  • Conditions soil: FG produces polysaccharides which act like glue to bind soil particles into aggregates and, thus, improves soil structure; degrades large molecule-sized nutrients like polysaccharides, amino acids, and aliphatic acids into small molecules for increased root uptake. 

  • Disease control and antibiotic production: FG induces systemic resistance in plants and produces antifungal compounds which act to comprehensively improve the resistance of the plant to pathogens, including Rhizoctonia and Pythium. 

  • Siderophore production: FG secretes chelating compounds which act as robust binding agents for iron. 

  • Enzyme production: FG produces a diverse array of enzymes that further enhances plant nutrient uptake. 

  • FG is very safe...Bio Level 1. 

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